Program Extraordinaire Chapter 2012 

Ken Horsager, Chairman of the Board for the Alumni Association, President Wes Swanson, Board Member Jan Anderson, and Linda Cohen, Chair of the Board of Regents.The UMAA Alumni Awards Celebration was held at the McNamara Center on campus.Another view of the ceremony at the McNamara Center.Sonja and Wes Swanson visit with Steve Crouch, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering.Slide show shown during the awards ceremony.

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Arizona West Valley Named Program Extraordinaire Chapter                                                         Honored at UMAA Alumni Awards Celebration on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at the University of Minnesota McNamara Alumni Center

Each fall, the UMAA celebrates the achievement of outstanding individuals, alumni societies and alumni chapters that have demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership to UMAA and the University from the past year.

These awards recognize and celebrate those who are contributing to the mission of the Alumni Association by connecting alumni, students, and friends in lifelong support of the University of Minnesota and each other.

Our chapter is proud to have been selected as the Program Extraordinaire - Chapter for 2012 for our Minne-College event in January. Accepting the award at a dinner on October 11, 2012 were President Wes Swanson and Board Member Jan Anderson.

MuUMAA Arizona West Valley Chapter: